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Dungca's Beach Guam
  Dungca's Beach makes up the northern coast of East Hagatna Beach Front and is a very popular destination for water sports including banana boat rides, parasailing, kayaking, jet skiing, and much more.  There are several resorts and clubs along Dungca's Beach that rent out water vehicles to tourists.  Popular attractions along Dungca's Beach include Alupang Beach Club, Ocean Jet Club, and Jimmy Dee's Beach Resort.
If your looking for a beach to sunbathe or barbeque for the day we suggest you skip Dungca's Beach and head on over to one of the beaches on Tumon Bay.  Dungca's Beach makes an excellent place for water activities, but for the most part there are no barbeque pits, public amenities, benches, or pavilions along the beach.  Also, Dungca's Beach usually has brown seaweed scattered along it's coast and  the sand isn't as soft as Tumon beaches.

   Access to Dungca's Beach is extremely difficult if you don't know the area because most of the beach is lined with private property, houses, and hotels;  in addition finding a road that leads to the beach area from the main road can be difficult.
   If your looking for an exciting day of water activities on the beach there is more than enough to keep you busy for a whole day at Dungca's Beach.  Just head on over to one of the popular beach clubs along Dungca's Beach to rent a water vehicle.

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