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Mata'pang Beach Guam
  Mata'pang Beach is located in Tumon and makes up part of Tumon Bay.  It is one of the only two beach parks in Tumon with covered pavilions which can be used by beach goers for barbequing or just to get some shade from the hot tropical sun.  There are six small pavilions at Mata'pang Beach, and during the weekdays most of them are free to use, but on weekends you'll be lucky to find one open.  The water off the coast of Mata'pang Beach consists of a soft,  Mata'pang Beach Photo
Mata'pang Beach Guam sandy sea-floor with fairly calm waters making it an excellent place to go swimming for tourists.  The variety of sea life in the water is minimal due to the fact that their isn't much live coral in the surrounding sea floor.  If your looking to go snorkeling or scuba diving a better area would be the water off the coast of Joseph Flores Beach Park.
  During the late afternoon, about an hour or two before the tropical sun sets, locals take out the
canoes you see lined across the large lawn and the park is fairly busy during this time.
  Mata'pang Beach Park and Joseph Flores Beach Park are probably the only two beach areas you can get easy access too if your traveling by car.  If your going to the beach during the weekend we suggest you go to Joseph Flores Beach Park because Mata'pang Beach Park is always filled to capacity and finding parking can take a long time!
Canoes at Mata'pang Beach Guam

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