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Guam Food and Drink

Guam is a gourmand's delight.  Despite its relatively small population, the island boasts an array of large and small restaurants serving high-quality Continental meals, and most have Oriental menus as well.
Those who venture farther afield will be delighted by the many Japanese, Korean, Thai, Western, Vietnamese, Filipino, Italian, Mexican, and Chinese restaurants.  And, yes, we have many American fast food restaurants as well.
Fresh seafood is also bountiful.  Fresh lobster, octopus, and fish are either baked or grilled with vegetables or fruit, sashimi, and in other uniquely Pacific ways.
Chamorro dishes are available in several smaller restaurants, in the public market of Hagatna known as Chamorro Village, and at village fiestas.  The diverse and delicious items include red rice, shrimp patties, a Filipino-style noodle dish called pancit, barbecued ribs and chicken and taro leaves cooked in coconut milk.  Another dish is kelaguen, usually prepared from broiled chicken, lemon juice, grated coconut and hot peppers.  Fiery finadene sauce is made from soy sauce, hot peppers and chopped onion and sprinkled over the food according to taste.
Guam has many restaurants to choose from, check out the rest of the section to see some must visit restaurants!

Guam Entertainment

Buddies Billiards and Brew

Central Lanes Fun Fair
Funtastic Park Guam Greyhound Park Guam Megaplex Cinemas
Guam Museum UnderWater World Guam Micronesia Mall Theaters
Namo Falls Botanical Park Ocean Jet Club Onward Waterpark Guam
Pacific Islands Club Waterpark Talofofo Falls Park Tarza Magical Adventure Zone
Tumon Golf Driving Range Two Lovers' Point Americopters Guam
Fish Eye Marine Park Globe Guam Sandcastle Guam
Alupang Beach Club Gameworks Guam The Slingshot Guam
Guam Zoological, Botanical and Marine Garden