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Guam Sports

If you love sports, you're in the right place.  Everyone takes advantage of Guam's year-round perfect weather to get involved with numerous sporting activities.  And even better than the sports are the potlucks afterward.

Guam Amateur Sports Leagues
You name the sport, there's probably a league you can join at very little cost.  Basketball, bowling, darts, rugby, soccer, softball, tennis, and volleyball are just a few of the Guam sports that have organized leagues.

Guam Non-League Sports
If you are not a die-hard but do like to get into the action from time to time, it's easy to "pick-up" a game at any of the numerous public golf courses, fields, courts and gymnasiums.

Guam Water Sports
Guam's ocean waters are among the clearest and warmest in the world, and you are completely surrounded by them when on Guam - perfect for all kinds of water activities.  Try canoe paddling, diving, fishing, jet skiing, surfing, and more.  Just make sure you pay attention to all the caution signs or go with someone who knows the waters where you'll be recreating.

Guam Major League Baseball
Also known as the Miller Football League.  Although Guam does not have any professional athlete teams (and we get Monday Night Football on Tuesday because of the International Date Line), you can still catch some great local competition at the Paseo Baseball Stadium and the Wettengel Football Field.  Scores and schedules are reported on most local news media.

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